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Ground Investigation Fieldwork

We are experienced in the investigation of all ground conditions encountered in the United Kingdom and in using the various techniques available to recover samples and undertake in-situ testing.

We provide a high quality of field service to determine the ground conditions beneath a site.

In investigating contaminated and / or hazardous sites, the company complies with the requirements of the "Guidelines for the Investigation by Drilling of Landfills and Contaminated Land", published by the ICE Site Investigation Steering Group. Additionally, we staff such contracts with personnel experienced in the care needed, and the precautions necessary, to complete the investigation safely and successfully.

Drilling and Boring

We offer a full range of drilling options for both drift and solid geology, including cable percussive boring and window sampling, with rotary open hole drilling and coring in rock. Our engineers can advise on the appropriate method with which to recover quality samples and carry out insitu tests. Completed boreholes may have an installation ranging from a basic groundwater monitoring standpipe through to more sensitive instrumentation such as vibrating wire piezometers.

We offer a full range of drilling options for both soft ground and rock.

We use experienced and appropriately qualified drillers, most of whom have worked with us for many years, each meeting stringent requirements before inclusion within our list of approved subcontractors.

Trial Pitting

To augment or replace shallow boreholes, we offer a complete trial pitting service. We arrange for our engineer to be on site with either a hand digging team or mechanical excavator. Whilst trial pits are normally limited to shallow depths, we have successfully undertaken trial pitting to depths of 5 to 6 metres in suitable ground. We can also carry out detailed mapping of excavations, with trial pits being shored to provide for safe access and working conditions.