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Desk Studies and Reporting

Factual Reporting of Investigations

Our geotechnical and geo-environmental specialists prepare our factual reports based upon the guidance given in BS 5930 and Eurocode 7. If required data can be transferred electronically in PDF or AGS digital format. In compiling factual reports we endeavour to produce a document that is clear, precise, and free of ambiguities and a completely accurate representation of the site work, geology and groundwater conditions, and the results of field and laboratory testing undertaken on the client's direction during the contract.

Under pinning the service is the desire by our directors and staff to ensure all reports are delivered on time, and contain the information requested by the client.

To improve the speed of processing data, the company uses a wide range of commercial and in-house analytical and data processing programs. Regional offices are linked electronically and when necessary share resources.

Preliminary Desk Studies

The desk study should be considered a pre-requisite for most sites, particularly under the planning regime, and offers excellent value for money prior to undertaking intrusive investigations. We can provide a report to encompass information on the site history, its geological and environmental setting, and the hazards that may potentially arise. A walk over survey together with a conceptual site model and risk assessment is produced, complete with any recommendations for further work including any requirement for intrusive investigations.

Interpretation of Investigations

Our geotechnical and geo-environmental specialists prepare our interpretative reports. We endeavour to produce in consultation with the client an analysis of the data in the factual report leading to recommendations for the solution of specific general engineering and environmental problems. Our reports may include an assessment of ground and groundwater conditions, foundation recommendations and a contamination risk assessment, in conjunction with remediation proposals and guidance on gas generation and protective measures.