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Concrete (Fresh and Hardened)

With experienced field technicians, Ian Farmer Associates are able to provide a comprehensive testing and inspection service to confirm the quality of fresh and hardened cementitious materials including grout, mortar and concrete.

This encompasses on-site manufacturing of test cubes, checking workability (slump) and subsequent laboratory tests, including the determination of density and compressive strength. Ian Farmer Associates also offer a collection service for cubes which are cured in constant climatic conditions in preparation for testing.

Our on-site sampling of fresh concrete includes:

  • Workability (slump)
  • Workability (flow table)
  • Air Content
  • UKAS Accredited Density
  • Production of test cubes (100mm3)

Chemical analysis can also be undertaken at our Washington based laboratory which can provide information regarding the cement content used or the ratio of cement and sand in a mortar mix.

Ian Farmer Associates offer analysis and inspection of hardened concrete samples; these can be delivered to, collected or sampled Ian Farmer Associates. Testing is carried out to British and European Standards, and includes:

  • UKAS Accredited Core density and strength
  • UKAS Accredited Carbonation depth
  • UKAS Accredited Chemical analysis for determination of Chloride Ion content
  • Chemical analysis for determination of Sulphate content
  • High Alumina cement identification
  • Cement content

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